Calgary Roller Derby

Calgary Roller Derby recently underwent a rebrand for their league logo and required redesigned logos for each of their house teams, ref squad and junior league. The aim was to visually unify each group under the CRD umbrella, but still allow for their distinct personalities and themes to shine through.

Role: Concept Development, Design, Art Direction
Agency: Freelance
Client: Calgary Roller Derby


Phase 1 of the project involved designing logos for all three of Calgary Roller Derby’s house teams. Each logo combines an element of the sport (a skate wheel, a helmet, two intertwined roller derby tracks) with a classic representation of the team (a bomb, a cleaver, a Celtic kilt pin). Because the teams had pre-existing vintage themes, we thought it suiting to go with a neo-vintage style for each logo. Team colours are based on their pre-existing palettes.

Once the house team logos were complete, we moved ahead into Phase 2 of the project which included the ref squad and junior roller derby league. The refs requested an owl, due to the common association with wisdom. For the junior league, I combined a “C” for Calgary with a skate wheel and wings. Wings are a known symbol in sports mythology, but in this case the wings take on a new meaning as they relate to the young skaters of this junior league receiving guidance from the adult league and learning to fly.